What the Heck Am I Doing Here?

If y’all are wondering why I am travelling in the middle of nowhere in the far western province of Xinjiang. It’s not only because I am a weirdo who seems to enjoy travelling to exotic places, but also because this is the place where my mother grew up.

It still amazes me how my mother was able to embark from such an isolated and desolate region to the top university in Shanghai and later to other great schools in Beijing and Hong Kong, while at the same time still keeping in touch and visiting every year she can to tend to her mother and family. Which is also why i continue to come back to this place of harsh extremes (in terms of weather, cuisine, and cultures), to stay in touch with family and history.

When I first came here the main form of transportation was bikes and horses on the streets, nowadays there are paved roads and brand-name imported car all over the places. The tallest building back then was 3 stories, today it is 30. But despite all the change I still ride my bike, half-naked of course, all over the place, much to the dismay of the citizens here. But hey, who said I care about what people think.

Thanks for reading, check back for some social commentary and updates soon 🙂

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