First Fight ….

So, my older cousin (boy, 19) was treating me out to some late night snacks on this hot summer night, and along were two of his best friends, a girl and her best guy friend (both 18). We went for some nice home-made ice cream, then decided to take a stroll in the city park to get some fresh air and to chat about (life, Lakers offseason, music, and food). Time flew by, and soon it was around 2:00 A.M.

We were just about to exit the park bound for home, when my older cousin bumped shoulders with one dude from a group of two boys walking by (high school juniors, i later found out), when they suddenly turn back and started to scream a plethora of profanity at us. He called out “You little bi@ch with the glasses”, so at first I thought the anger was directed at me, in an attempt to avoid trouble in a foreign setting I began apologizing earnestly, but he did not stop and his temper only grew as he approached me fiercely. I later discovered that he was talking to my cousin who was also wearing lenses, but at the time i was totally clueless as to why he even turned around to shout at me.

As the boy continues to berate our group with insults, spit, and cigarette bits, the best guy friend of that girl did something that “the Jerry from 6 month ago” would have done. He shouted back in even worse language, and the boy (drunk and drugged I later knew) snapped in a heartbeat and charged at us. I quickly moved the girl out of harm’s way about 20meters away, and came back to break up what had then turned out to be a 5 on 1 fight. Apparently, 3 other friends of the two guys we bumped into (also drunk) had just bid farewell to the two, and sprinted back upon hearing the shouting. And now they were all ganging up on boy that had shouted back. I ran towards him to save him, getting socked and kicked many times along the way, before finally getting him out of there. But I was too late…..

The best guy friend had already been kicked in the face twice with blood streaming down his eye. By then, the fight had stop (for now), apparently drunks get tired easily and apparently the boy that my cousin bumped into was one of his childhood friends from the same apartment building and they had just recognize each other. Remember it is almost pitch dark with only park lights and they are drunk. Everyone had stopped shouting the, and all had backed away, all except one boy (a high school sophomore) who continues to shout at the already beaten best guy friend, saying “you better not call back-up”, “gonna beat the shit out of you right now”, and etc. Before I could stop him, he launched a tornado kick right at the best guy friend’s face, sending him a few steps back. I quickly ran towards him to cover him from further punishment, i was so rushed my glasses fell off.

I was very distraught and angry at the moment, somewhere between a “smh so hard at stupid teens” and a “someone is gonna get it hard” mode, so I suddenly stood up and lunged forward to pick up my glasses. It was then that the “hoodrats”, what we call these delinquent young boys here in China, pulled their Taekwondo friend back and told him to “stfu” and “gtfo” The TKD boy then came and apologized, in a very very fake way, saying “oh, I just broke up with my gf of 2 yrs so I am pissed af” and “do you need to go the hospital”. We said “no need for that” and headed off as the other hoodrats ran off, and from the sounds we heard, found another innocent victim to take out their own insecurities, issues, and imbalances in life.

We went to a store, the only one open at 2:30 A.M called “All-Nighter’s” and bought an ice cold Sprite that i held to the best guy friend’s head, while wiping his dripping blood. My heart was pounding fast, I felt very ashamed for not stepping in to parry the “blows”.With the combat training I have, I could have at least taken 3 guys (for they were skinny, drunk, and ill-fit). And he would not have ended up this messed up. Looking at his bludgeoned face, I felt guilty and blessed. Guilty that I couldn’t take him out of there sooner and blessed that there were no large switchblades or broken bottles (the two most common weapon of choice by these drunk hoodrats). I told him to “let it go” and not “seek revenge”, for he was about to call his whole group of friends to back him up. Luckily, I was persuasive enough and his phone bills, unpaid enough.

I then walked the girl home first for it was late, she is the daughter of my mother’s best friend from HS so I took care of her. I then took the bludgeoned boy home soon afterwards. Walking home with only my cousin, he got a phone call from an unknown number, apparently the hoodrats from earlier had got a hold of his number. Turns out that my cousin is tight with the head of the local gang around here, and they had called to apologize, making sure that no serious damages were caused. At least that was what my cousin told me.

Anyways, that was 1 hour ago, and this is prime time writing with no edits. I will try to stay out of trouble, for I only have 3 more days in this boarder town of Tacheng. Hope y’all didn’t use up too much of your precious time reading this whole thing. Really hope the best guy friend dude is alright, and doesn’t need further attention, he will be in my prayers.

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