Drink with Moderation? Total BS

The excessive consumption of alcohol has been a big part of my family for as long as I can remember, but my role in it has always been that of an observer, and  that of a helper in case people vomit too much (which always seems to happen). But now that I am 17, and in their eyes, old enough to have kids. Simply being an observer was not reason enough to avoid the family fun.

All the adults in the family start out by saying how excessive drinking is unhealthy and that you should “only drink to have fun and relax”, but not to the point of being drunk. Fair enough. But after 3 or 5 drinks, the same reasonable family member becomes a “hey, why isn’t your glass full huh?”, “hurry up and fill it up all the way” kind of person. And all the “we should drink with moderation” talk seems to turn into a glass full of BS, right after about 5 glasses or the equivalent of 7-9shots, which isn’t too much but isn’t a small amount either.

But to be fair, the consumption of alcohol in China is as essential to the culture as the celebration of the Chinese New Year and the usage of the Lunar Calender. It is a quintessential component of the rich Chinese history, and because of that it is very hard to avoid the “drinking scene” in China without being completely disrespectful of rather anti-social.

Thanks to some good genes and practice, a combination of nature and nurture, my alcohol tolerance is high even when in comparison to that of  chronic drinkers.  Now I must go and learn the drunken fist.

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