Arrested Development…

A few updates on the fight I got dragged into a couple days ago. Just earlier today, we finally got the cops to arrest the guy that was beating my friend aka “the best guy friend”. Remember? The hoodrat high school junior who was drunk and mad that his girl friend broke up with him, so he decided to beat the crap out of my friend? Yeah, we finally arrested his insecure, selfish ass.

Apparently here in China, when you want to arrest someone for committing “assault and battery” on you, you have to help the cops find the suspect and only then will he make the arrest. So it took us about two days to find the dude, and what do you know, we found him today once again drunk and picking another fight with some random kid on the streets.

I think he is getting 3-6 month in little kiddy prison  aka juvenile facility cause he is still under 18, but its all subject to the judge, surprisingly the judicial system in China works extremely fast, we should expect a sentence by the end of next wk.

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