Real Life Chinese Ghosts………scared the shit out of me

Contrary to popular misconceptions, I am actually a very “safe” person, meaning I am freackin scared of many things,  among them are death, ghosts, hairy woman, and etc. Since I am in China, I have the pleasure of being entertained by a rare but dangerous breed of ghosts, the “not so gruesome looking but hella scary and fully dressed” Chinese ghosts.

After watching a scary movie called “Chinese Ghosts from the Past” last night, I have been freacking out randomly at the slightest sight of long haired Asian woman, especially walking the stairs of my 10-stories (no-elevator) apartment, which has no light.  Yeah it’s pretty scary at night

Coming home from a long bike ride to the “Sunflower fields” today at approximately 10:00 PM Beijing time, I met my first real life Chinese ghost, it scarred me for life. It was “completely dark” as there is no light in the stairs (and I have to climb 8 stories), and suddenly BAMMMwhen I reached the 4th floor, this “long-haired” Asian chick comes out of nowhere and just stares at me with her hair all over her face like the “Grudge Girl”.

And being sane, I had the normal Jerry reaction. I jumped back, hugged the nearest wall, and squealed like a dying farm animal. But in reality, my spirit really died a little after seeing her face, it was so shocking that I forgot what she looked like. She then asked me in a calm ghostly voice “Am I really that scary?”. I didn’t say anything due to immediate fear, and i think she took offense to my silence for she stormed off with a loud “whatever” type of moan.

The climb after this incident, from the 4th floor to the 8th, was the longest climb I have ever had in an apartment building in China. I think she lives on the 1st floor, I really I hope I don’t see her again in my two more days of stay here.

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