Why my Family thinks I am weird……and lame

1.) Because I am dark, which causes them to think I am a “Filipino migrant worker”. Other than being hella racist, which they are, I never even knew those existed.

2.) Because when asked what I do for fun in America, I said “I go to track practice”. So now they think I am not only weird, but also a lame dude with no life.

3.) And when asked if I had a gf, which I said “no” to, of course. They assumed me a homosexual or a straight dude with no game. Maybe I had too many suitors that it was hard for me to chose or maybe I was too busy, you know, with mourning the Spurs’s losses.

4.) Because I always hold hands with someone when I cross the street here in China because I am terrified.

5.) Because I wake up at 11:00 AM everyday(super unhealthy), and go out to run miles around town (healthy)….half naked.

6.) Because I scream like a girl when I see “long-haired” girls in a dark stairway. Maybe I am still heavily affected by that Chinese ghost movie that I saw earlier this week.

7.) Because I keep all the letters my friends wrote to me in an orange box that I bring to every city I visit. Maybe I am a sentimental guy.

8.) Because I spend 6 hours a day exercising and not sitting around getting fat and wasting time. Maybe I should spend more time with family though.

9.) Because I am not aroused when I see attractive woman with long hair and legs. Maybe I like girls with short hair, or maybe I am going to a monk, yeah that one.

there is going to be much more too come…..

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