Shopping with woman= Good arm workout

For some odd reason, the girls in my family are all super duper tall, when compared to other girls of Chinese origins of course. Even my little cousin, who I use to bully all the time when I was younger,  is about my height at 5”9 at 17.

Today, she ask me to go shopping with her, why? Well apparently according to her, her “legs are too nice” and boys “hit on her all the time”, so she need my presence to “guard against the predators.” My initial reaction was  WTF, but because she is my lil sis and her legs are really skinny, I decided to be nice, for once.

We were getting some ice cream after her” intense”shopping (carry 8 bags all around the mall was a pretty good workout for me), when suddenly these two boys approached her, but quickly walked away when I started to wave hi. At first I was like, “Am I that ugly”? But then my cousin explained to me that it was her ex-bf and his friend and she is trying to get back to being friends with him after they broke up. I guess I didn’t really help with that with my ugliness, but then my lil sis aka my cousin starts blaming me for scaring him away. I was totally like “smh at woman these days, asking me to go shopping then blaming me for scaring away her ex” in my head, but no she is my lil sis so I didn’t say anything. Instead I went and bought ice cream for her, but it was actually for me, cuz I know she can’t finish her portions.

I would normally make some vague generalization about girls nowadays, but these days I have acquired some empathy and vague understanding of females, so no comments. BTW, my lil sis aka cousin is so nice, turns out all the bags of stuff were gifts for her friends, parents, and the children at the shelter that she volunteers at.

PS: Do not confuse this lil sis aka my cousin with my other lil sis in America, they are too different people. My cousin has thinner legs than SNSD, while my other sister in America has thicker (and hairier) legs than me, hahaha jk jk . I love all my lil sis ❤

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