Travel Updates

After much time spent in Xinjiang, a place with lots of drinking, fighting, eating, a place of mixed cultures and languages, and a place that I can call home, I am now heading towards “Central China”, while I will be seeing shorter, less hairier, and more “chinese looking” people on a daily basis.

I leave from Xinjiang for GuangZhou province today and will be getting in touch with my more oriental roots on my dad’s side (after getting in touch with my Arab roots) , as I travel through Foshan, Guang Dong, and eventually to the mountainous region of GuangXi. After about a week of traveling through these areas of highly sweaty, vertically challenged, and loudspeaker-like people, I will then head to a new place, a place of highly condensed sweaty people of various nationality called Hong Kong. Fingers crossed that I have the time to see “Dark Knight Rises” while I am there eating dim sum all day every day.

A couple of days in the modern, semi-British influenced, metropolis of Hong Kong will definitely hone my Cantonese skills to a whole new level, not to mention the increase in appetite with dim sum every morning. But one mustn’t be too indulgent. After Hong Kong, I will be heading back to the place of my early childhood memories and miseries, aka Beijing, to organize some assets and obtain some property rights. Before finally heading to the Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng (Henan Province) to start my training in about 2 weeks worth of time.

But check back for frequent posts, cuz once I am at the temple and training, I will not be able to post with such rapid veracity anymore. Treasure the present, cause its a gift…….get it??

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