Do I Look Like A Smoker?

I was shopping for a new phone, cause after 3 wks of no phone I just couldn’t hold it anymore. But suddenly, I really couldn’t hold it anymore, so I grab my “wipes” (cause you have to bring your own here in China) and ran to the restrooms for a “Number 5” (its like a bit of #1, then 2x#2). However, before I got down to do my business, this one guy (20s) asked me “for a fire”, I was totally like “WTF fool, do I look like a dumbass”, but because I have manners and I simply couldn’t hold it anymore, I just smiled and held up the “wipes” in my hand and he let me pass.

After finally taking care of business the old-fashion way,  you know the one where you have to squat and work on your quads? I walked out of the restroom and another guy, this time much older (40s), asked me if  he can “have a fire for his smoke”. Instead of saying “No, I actually care about my health and the health of those around me”, I smiled and shook my head and pointed my right index finger at an old man who was smoking right behind me, cause I have recently acquired a little bit of manners 🙂

But the question remains, do I really look like a smoker? From an extremely narcissistic point of view, it could be that I look really manly (you know the tall, dark, and handsome type) and I really resemble the supposedly “Badass” characters, who almost always smoke, in most HK, Taiwan, and Mainland China movies. From an extremely honest point of view, it probably cause I am really dark. Being dark over here generally suggest a career outdoors (farmers, labors, migrant workers, factory labors), implying someone who is low-income, low-education, and likely a smoker. Yeah if you are really dark over here, you get judged.

But what do you guys think? Do I look like a smoker?!

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