I am A Pretty Lucky Dude

So for the past few days since I arrived in my birthplace of Foshan, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to practice all kind of flips and jumps at one of my uncle’s gyms (my uncle was a 16 time Gold Medalist in Gymnastics, his name is Li Ning). I guess the main reason is to prepare myself for the hundreds and thousands of flips I will have to do when I am training at the Shaolin Temple, and also cause they don’t have mats at the temple, yeah so when I fall, it will hurt.

I am really fortunate to have not only the coaching, the resources, but also the people around me who are always acting and serving in my best interest, it’s kinda cool and demanding because I am constantly striving to be worthy of my advantages. So far I am just practicing the basics, you know, front flip, back flip, aerials, and other basic drills to get a good “feel” for my body when accelerating through the air at a high speed. Self awareness of my body parts is basically what I am aiming to achieve, but it’s much easier said than done and most of time I just fall, and pick myself up, and try again and fall again.

Practice is super duper fun, but the intensity cannot be underscored (much of it is my own assertiveness), I go through at least 300 hundred attempts of the same flip over and over again, just to get a better feel for my own strength and body when in motion. I really admire all the little boys and girls that are training here, they go from 4 yrs old all the way to 15yr old, all of them undergoing the same intense 6 hours (some even 10 hrs) a day regimen that I have to do but with much more technicality and skills. I have never felt so much soreness in my back muscles and core area, hurling your body in the air and turning it with control is no easy task, sometimes I go too hard and end up with a double front flip, sometimes I am too soft and land right on my face.

Gymnastics training is not easy, hopefully I can continue to be worthy of my advantages and improve a bit before I head over to the Temple to start my actual training in 2 wks.

Wish me luck!!!

Dude, and I might see Hong (my homie from Walnut) soon, finally get to speak English. Shit, i am not even sure i remember how to.

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