Why People Think I am a Weirdo (cont’d)…….

1.) Because I say really stupid things, and the thing is, I really do mean what i say.

2.) Because my Cantonese is not that good, so my accent is kinda of funny, but its mostly due to the content of my speech.

3.)Because I am scared to cross the street and would be stuck in the middle of the road for up to 10 mins.

4.) Cuz I laugh all the time, I think for good reasons, but they think not.

5.) Cuz I eat a lot and don’t get fat, in fact I actually have visible abs now, it is like a first for me so yay me

6.) Cuz unlike everyone else here, I say whatever is on my mind, without filtering it, sometimes its very appropriate.

7.) Cuz I sweat a LOT and often walk on the streets half-naked like a homeless.

8.) Cuz I like to wake up early to get dim sum alone while writing my blog.

9.) Cuz I call out everyone that smokes around me, and cuss out every car that steps right in front of me.

10.) Oh yeah, and cuz I don’t shut up or get tired.

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