Helping the Rich, to Help the Poor

Ever since I was little, I have always thought that education was the answer to most of today’s global issues. Because education today directly affects the world tomorrow. Since those currently in power are bound to die (someday), the youth now will inevitability be forced to take control in the future and their actions in the future will be a heavily influenced by the education they receive today and the environment in which they grow up in.

Since I am currently unable to help change the environment, I have thus shifted my short-term focus to help change the education that a person receives, by helping those in my country to a better higher education abroad. (Cuz Education here ain’t the best). After some research regarding the market trends and demand supply, I found an increasing trend in Chinese HS students “opting out”  their last 2 yrs of high schools and directly pursing a higher education in a foreign country. Most of theses students come from extremely wealthy families, who could not only afford the full tuition of a 4 yr undergrad education abroad but also an large amount of consulting fee for a company to help their sons/daughters reach that better undergrad education abroad.

Now a lot of these consulting firm already do exist and are thriving in the 1st tier cities like Beijing, ShangHai, GuangZhou, and HK, but they are very much lacking and needed in 2nd tier cities in China, which are growing at an unexpectedly rapid pace. This presents a great opportunity to not only help youth here in China achieve a better education abroad but also to generate a lot of income for an education fund that I have dreamed of setting up (to help economically underprivileged youth in China afford a college education). My mom has decided to use her expertise to help me set up our own company in my yr here in China for this specific need, to offer college application, visa, and study abroad consulting to the rich and privileged families in these 2nd tier cities.  Just cause I am training as a monk for a yr, doesn’t mean I have to stop helping people.

I am aiding the rich by giving them the security of knowing that their kids are receiving a better education, but at the same time helping the poor using the Education Fund (generated from consulting fees) to help them afford not only K-12 education but also college education. I really like this idea cause it combines two of my favorite things, “education” and “helping people (rich or poor)”.

It’s only a pipe dream at the moment, but I have a feeling that my mom is going to follow through with this just like I will. So if you have expertise knowledge about the college application process in America and also enjoy helping people. Let me know cause you might just be able to help others while helping yourself to some extra cash at the same time, all without leaving the comforts of your own laptop.

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