Training Updates:

I recently found a home in my uncle’s gymnastic gym, as a prefix to my training at the Shaolin Temple. Basically to learn some simple flips and be comfortable with them in a place with mats, before heading over to a place where if I fell, I will have only the solid ground to catch me.

After 4 days of training, I am really like it. Other than eating LOTS of shit cause I tend to over flip (sometimes 1.5-2 revolution in the air), I am progressing well for only having a few days. I got more comfortable with my back-flip and aerial that I can perform it with no mats, without too much fear, cause there is always some fear. My front-flip is still very much in the D-League stage, I have yet to figure out how much strength equals how many revolutions, sometimes I can go too hard and do a double front-flip only to suck on the landing, while other times I simply jump forward and ignore the jump up motion completely.

But after eating lots of shit, I have learned quite a few things. The most important ones being that I have to multi-task with my body parts (to perform several actions with different parts of my body all at the same time), this is really hard for me because I am more of a step by step, “set this goal, go get the goal”, kinda guy and not the “hey, let’s do 5 things all at once”. And also how to draw on my chi or air from my body, I have learned that if I draw from my stomach and pull my chi up, I can jump almost my own body height in vertical length, without using half the strength I would need if I was just using brute power to lift off.

I am pretty sad that I only have 3 more days of practice at the gym here, everyone is so nice to me, teaching me all these things while watching me eat shit and telling me to keep getting up and trying after falling. But hey I am meeting with my homie Hong Chen tomorrow, before he brings his talents back to Socal, pretty excited to finally speak English again….even though I have a feeling I am going to end up just practicing my Cantonese with him.

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