College Major?!

Talking with Hong today, got me thinking about college majors. Even though I ain’t gonna be enrolled in any formal collegiate education for another 14 month, it’s never too early to sit around and ponder about the future with no real intentions of making any decisions

After much thought (about 5 minutes), I decided, prematurely of course, that I will Major in Trolling and Minor in Love. A combination of two of the  most common yet “hardest to master” subjects that exists today. I am sure my parents will not be super duper ecstatic to find out about this, but who says they have to know. And since I am paying for my own education, it would be wrong to let my parent’s disapproval affect me, right?

I hope this will inspire others to go out there and explore their options when it comes time to decide on your major(s). Cause 75% of the highest paid and most popular occupations today did not even exist 20 yrs ago, so never think that “this is not gonna work” or “this might not be right”.

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