I Don’t always Blog about My Day……….

I don’t always blog about my day, but when I do, it is because the day is pretty damn worth blogging about. Today was one of those days.

Slept for like 11 hrs, obviously a great start to any day for any one. Ran out to get some Cha Sui Bao, cause those little bites of heaven ain’t fresh no more after 11:00 AM. Then headed right over to gymnastic practice, cause I have a special guest in the afternoon. Practice was shorter than usual (only 2 &1/2 hrs), but it was hella productive. Finally got enough tries under my belt for the back-flip where I can now just practice it on flat ground, without the comforts of mats or coaches on standby. What I learned today?? that the best lower abs exercise is to continuously do back-flips while increasing the speed of your ‘Knee-tuck”, it ain’t easy.

Went to get a hair cut after practice, cause I simply cannot stand having hair longer than half an inch. Then went to the Metro station to meet up with my Homie from walnut, Hong Chen, who happens to reside in nearby Dongguan. Y’all don’t know how happy I was to see someone “who I know who knows me”,  I haven’t been so ecstatic in awhile. My Happiness came not only from meeting again with an old friend but also from the prospect of knowing that I probably won’t see any of my good friends from walnut for a yr or longer, which made the moment all the more special and worthwhile. Took him to a local fav for lunch, while on the way there, we conversed in English on the streets, much to the dismay of people nearby who gave awkward glares and quiet motions of disbelief (i guess they really like to eavesdrop here).

In search of a good convo place, we want to the most-Seattle of places, (nope, not Pike’s Place), but Starbucks. There we proceeded to trolling each other for hours in an attempt to waste time. Jk Jk, what proceeded was quality time spent, deep conversations, and some horrible exchanges in Cantonese (which I was entirely responsible for). Pretended to not speak Chinese when ordering, and not to my surprise, received far better service and even got a “sir” written on my cup (which was smaller than the Venti I ordered). Before seeing Hong off, we went to the most-fastfood of places, yes, MacDonald’s, and the girl messed up Hong’s order of “Fish Fillet” with a “McChicken”, how she was able to do that is unfathomable to me cause unlike me, Hong’s Canto is spot on. I got my ALL TIME FAVE, two pineapple pies, which I later forgot in a taxi, en route for home. I guess it wasn’t meant to be 😦

As we parted way, I quickly sprinted home to watch Liu Xiang’s 110m race, only to witness what was both a disastrous end to an illustrious career and an truly inspirational yet artificial “one-legged”  symbolic finish of his Olympic journey.

Today was worth blogin about, I hope you agree with me.


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