Daily Observations: 8/8/12

I write down my observations in a little notepad that I carry with me all the time, today i just had some extra sights and sounds that I thought I would share with y’all.

1.) The ground here in China is often cracked, no wonder people be tripping…..get it?

2.) The sidewalk especially, is always cracked and crushed even. Found out today that it is because cars always drive UNTO the sidewalk since there ain’t no where else to park.

3.) Men here often wear purses when going out, now I am not talking about satchels (that’s what I have), I am talking about Coach and Gucci hanging about freely on these male shoulders. I was viscerally  appalled by this sight.

4.) The youth smokers here (youth as in 16-28) are always wearing sleeveless or no shirt and are often in pretty good physical shape. No wonder people here assume that I, too, am a smoker.

5.) Girls here like to seem taller than they actually are, most (around 75%) wear “elevated footwear”, I call it that cause I have no knowledge of female footwear.

6.) Piano is pretty well-played over here. I was running in the morning to keep my “8-pack”, and all I could hear from the nearby building was the sound of piano scales. It was annoying and thus helped me achieved a better workout, cause I was always speeding up to get away from the sound.

7.) People always stare at me when I walk on the streets. I just observe eyes pinpointed on me all the time.  I do not know why, maybe its the way I walk? Maybe I am just too narcissistic and think that they are looking at me when they are not? What do you guys think?

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