Sticking it…..

Today was working on the last and most important part of all my flips, and that’s sticking the landing.

A new coach came in, he was pretty young (21), and had just returned from a tournament, but he was really into parkour and the art of movement, so we talked about philosophy for a bit. When we actually got to the flipping, my every moment felt so much faster and more powerful. I guess the shorter practice yesterday (only 2 1/2 hrs) really help me recover. I was able to amplifier every moment and get even more “air” than ever. On one jump, I had about 160cm vertical.

My confidence grew and I started to get that “feel” I was so desperately seeking  just a few days before. We moved some mats around and I began to practice on more solid ground. My back-flips never felt so quick as my “tuck” got faster and faster, I was able to stick every single landing today, never felt so much ease doing back-flips. Only after getting home and showering did I feel the intense soreness in my now very visible lower abdominal area.

Also had the chance to try out some new flips today, like the “monkey flip”, which is a back-flip sideways but instead of landing on your legs first, you land with only one hand. My aerial was the least practiced one today, I only did about 50 reps, but it felt much easier than before. I think I am starting to get a feel for using more of my “chi” to pull me up when I jump, instead of using purely leg and ab/back strength.

After practice, I found out that the new coach had a twin brother, who is on the team for Circus De Soleis, and travels around the world performing acts on a weekly basis. I thought that was really cool, since I actually did see their show in Vegas, sadly I fell asleep and do not remember a thing.

Today was my last gymnastic practice, for I leave for my dad’s ancestral home tomorrow to see some fambam, before going to HK then Beijing next wk. I am really happy with what I was able to accomplish in 4 days of practice, not only did I learn how to properly do a back-flip, front-flip, and monkey flips, but also more importantly I develop confidence with my movements in the air and a “feel” for my body when I am flipping.


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