I must Confess……

I must confess that I have done some really bad things. Here is a recent one.

So I was playing “badassminton” a week or so ago, and a problem came up. The problem was that my stamina was too good to always be playing with people my age, cause they would always get tired. (I am not sure if they were tired physically or tired of playing with me) But as a result of my stamina, I sometimes would be paired up to play some opponents who I would not normally play with if I had a choice. Well, this is where the problem begins.

I eventually got paired up to play with this little girl (she was like 15 but looked 12, and actually looked a LOT like my lil sis’s lil sis,if you know who that is), and being respectful I decided to play my best and give it my all cause I assumed that’s what every opponent expected. The game was going well, she was really good, forcing me to run a lot with changing angles and drop shots, this in turn got me really FIRED up, and you know how i can get when I am fired up. Finally, after much volleying, she made a mistake in offering up a gentle lob, and I could not resist the chance to overhead smack that …… So that’s what I did.

However, just when I was about to SMASH the ball, my racket slipped out of my hand and flew forward, and by some “bad” fortunes, it struck the little girl. And tears began to fall like a faucet turned on full throttle. At first I was like, “hey she doesn’t look like my lil sis’ lil sis anymore”, but then I started to feel really bad. So I approached her to see if any serious damage was done. Much to my relief, she wasn’t hurt that bad, no broken bones or ruptured veins, but she was very much emotionally shocked or rather surprised that a racket would fly at her. She had some scratches on her, so I carried her to the benches and bought her an ice cream and a can of beer. The ice cream for emotionally joy and the beer to ice down some of her scratches, in hopes that it won’t swell up. Surprisingly she was up and playing again in no time, after the tears had dried.

So I went back and started playing again,but it took me a LONG time to find someone to play with. Guess no one else wanted a racket to the body, but luckily for them my racket never slipped again.

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