Taking Your Talents to South Beach was so…… LAST YEAR!!

That’s right, “taking your talents to South Beach?”, shit was last year. This year, especially this NBA off-season, it’s all about taking your talents to SoCal!!

Yes, as you can tell, I am hella excited that Mitch Kupchack actually wants to win again with all the wonderful moves he has pulled this off-season. First it was re-signing Jordan Hill who, other than being offensively-challenged, is actually a legit rebounder and a solid defender when he wants to be. Not signing often-lost and seemingly mute Ramon back, was good considering he bolted for more money, but what made the move even more genius was the kidnapping of Nash days after.

After the Nash signing, the “taking your talents” to Socal sorta died a bit, until savvy veteran PF Jamison left often league worst Cavs for the City of Angels. And for a few wks, die-hard Lakers fans did not hear much more, until last night. When rumors hit like raindrops on Asian rice field, rumors that Superman has found a home. Yes, DW12 aka Superman aka Dwight Howard is coming to the Lakers, and the only man we lost was big-“boy” Bynum. Yes, he is still a boy in my eyes, immature, lost, and unreliable.

What’s even better is that we kept the often-“softer than baby wipes” Pau Gasol, who other than being weak and sometimes pathetic, is a great PF possessing unbelievable vision, control, and knowledge of the Lakers’s system and the game of b-ball. I don’t always blog about Basketball, but when I do, it’s because I have nothing better to do.

Sadly I will be at Shaolin for a yr, but I hope all you “real” Laker fans enjoy this season and hopefully collect enough bottles to save up for a game ticket.

Here are the Details if you want to:

Lakers; Dwight Howard

Philadelphia: Bynum and Jason Richardson

Denver: Andre Iguodala
 Aaron Affalo
Nick Vucevic
Mo Harkless
Al Harrington
first round picks from Lakers, Phil and Denver

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