“I like food more than I like woman”

I REALLY like food.

For some people it’s just “the stuff you eat”, but for me its the life-source of every living human being, I mean you can’t do shit if you don’t eat. Right? It’s also an art that calls for a great amount of detail, creativity, and skill; from the first step of selecting ingredients to the final step of plating aka “putting make-up on”,

I am one of those weirdos that would sneak into the kitchen at a restaurant and have a 45 min convo with the chef about cooking decisions, ingredients, and NBA trade news. I would also ask to speak to the chef if I eat something I really like, just to get his email and stuff so I can learn the recipe.  I take more pictures of food than I do of people, cause I think the food looks better. Food not only LOOKS great, but also TASTES great, at this point in my life, I cannot say the same about woman. Which is why I like food more than I like woman.

This is the first segment of #JustbeingJerry, which are a series of articles where I open up a bit and talk about myself, I hope it will add a bit more personality to the site.

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