500 Days of Summer, not just a movie

So my little cousin from London, who also came back to see me off to Shaolin Temple because he loves martial arts too, asked me for relationship advice today because apparently the girl who sits next to him at boarding school looks exactly like Emma Watson (when she was 13). I don’t normally give advice, but this is EMMA WATSON we are talking about here, so I said yes.

The problem is I don’t have any knowledge or experience in “this area”, so I resorted to only source of “relationship-knowledge” that I had at the time, which was 500 Days of Summer on Movies on Demand on my flight. Thank God that was a Level 8 typhoon in HK region that delayed my flight 5 hours, so I had ample time to watch the movie on the new Airbus 380, which if I may add, is BIG.

After watching the entire movie for the first time (I fell asleep the last time I watched it), I wrote down some of the things I have learned so that I may help me cousin or hurt him for life, I don’t know yet. But here they are , you kinda have to watch the movie to get them.

1.) “There are many fishes in the sea. Nooo, there is only Summer. Oh wait, jk, there are many fishes in the sea”

2.) “There are two types of people in the world…..man and…..woman.”

3.) “You can only “love her officially” if you love the way she makes you feel”

4.) “Being single is totally UNDERRATED”

5.) “The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature, then burn the paperback version. ”

6.) “I have never told anyone that before” are the words to bring it to the next level in a relationship.

7.) Here is what “expectation” looks like, and here is what “reality” looks like. They don’t really look alike.

8.) People buy cards cause they don’t know how to say what they feel.

9.) Do not read “Picture of Dorian Gray” in a coffee shop alone, cause some guy will come and ask you about it and you will eventually marry him.

10.) Sometimes you can’t leave things to FATE, you have to decide.

That was about it, I wasn’t taking the whole time, I am not that weird.

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