Dear Beijing:

Dear Beijing:

We meet again today, it’s been 8 years since I last saw you. You have changed much, yet managed to not change at all. You are still loud (very annoying at times), you still talk weird, and yes you still think you are better than everyone else just cause you are the capital. But you are bigger now, you carry too much pressure and weigh, I hope you don’t break down one day, cause that will be bad.

From age 2-10, I spent every single day of my life with you, and you patiently observed my growth. You saw my first fall, first kiss (or did I bite her? i don’t know, but she was cute, she had short hair), and my first fight. Yes, I was even more “temper-mental” when I was younger. But I too, observed your growth. Other than getting richer, fatter, and consequently more unhealthy (with all the pollution), you have managed to keep the same intrinsic characteristics that makes you the cultural, historic, and political center of my homeland. But more importantly, you have remain a “home” for me.

Though I have left you for a place with equally as many “Asians”, if not more. You will always be my first home, and I will always get that warm, comfy feeling every time I see you.

Hope you don’t change too much, and try not to get any fatter ok? (cause you are at 6 circles now, don’t get any bigger).

Until next time, your  prodigal son

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