My First 10 days in Numbers

I just spent my first 10 days  here at the temple, so I would like to tell you all about it, using #s.

Hours of Training per day: 10-12 hours

Coach to Disciple Ratio: 1:3 (higher than the best Liberal Arts Colleges) 🙂

Number of meals per day: 3 (mostly porridge, buns, and vegetables; if we are lucky coach would sneak some meat up for us)

Numbers of Miles per day: 12-15 miles

Times I wash my own clothes per day: 3-4 (cause they are always soaked after every lesson)

Number of hair on my head: 0

Number of times I touch electronics a day: 2-3 times

Boba Milk Teas per month: 0 (at least for 8 month)

Hours a day reading: 2 (Chinese books, of course)

Number of times I droll when I see meat on TV or online: Always droll

Hours a day sleeping: 8-10 hours

Number of mosquito bites on body: Countless

Number of females within the vicinity: 0

Number of showers per week: Enough to clean every morning 🙂

Number of Abs: Depends on your eyesight

Number of times I take a #5: not as many as I should (# 5 is a #2, followed by a #1, then another #2)

Days a wk when I have to wake up at 5am to Run up a mountain: Everyday

Days without electricity per week: 2-3

Times I miss my friends in America per wk: Countless

I want to apologize for not as often as I should, but internet connection has been hard to come by and the time and energy to think and write after 12 hours of practice, even harder to come by. So I hope you all can try to understand. But as I adapt more and more to the rigorous training and as my thighs grow more thunderous, so will the frequency of my writing.

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