“The Hole”


I would like to introduce everyone to “The Hole”. “The Hole” is a big ditch about (3-4 ft deep), one side is a water source and the other side I really don’t know where it leads to yet. I go to “The Hole” at least 3-5 times day, it has actually become an intrinsic part of my biological life.

You guess it, “The Hole” is our restroom, you know those super awesome, squatting holes, which not only expedite the “existing process” greatly but also helps one develop intimate relationships with the flies and insects nearby. Honestly, I really like the squatting tactic much more than the sitting ones in ostensibly developed countries, I mean the sitting ones can be very distracting, its comfort takes ones mind off of the rightful task and allows one to do counterproductive things like reading, instagraming, and facebooking on smartphones, when one is suppose to be doing something else. The only time the squatting can be negative is when your legs are super sore from frog jumping the mountains and you still have to squat then, but other than that, the efficiency of “The Hole” is amazing.

We do have toilets here, but the water is about non-existent, which means you can flush. Like most other things in China, the hardware is there, but the software is not. In this age of rapid development and economic advancement, China has caught up to the first world countries in terms of the hardware (Bridges, high-rise skyscrapers, cars, and toilets), but the software (management, education, people, and water distribution) have not.

From a little “hole”, we can learn big lessons.

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