It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I have seen any woman, like almost a month. It is not a problem, I just suddenly noticed today that “oh wow I haven’t seen woman in awhile”. If you know me, sometimes I notice “weird” stuff, things that people don’t normally pay attention to or care about.

In a sense my not noticing the absence of females in my life can be interpreted as them being “not as significant”. But I think it can also mean that I am not as focused on being around woman as other people, for instance the Taiwanese dude from Seattle who lives next to me always complains about “the lack of chicks” in the vicinity and his growing “anxiety”. On a normal day, I tend to think more about the weather, what we are having for lunch, and how to better execute each move. But to each his own cup of tea, I guess everyone has their own interests.


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