I need some Sweet in my life

Back when I was living in States, I have always held a hidden admiration and adoration for the “sweet stuff”, like tiramisu, chocolate, mooncakes, anything with red bean curd,etc. But I have never really had an infatuation with sweets (like I never indulge), because I have always thought someone as sweet as me do not need too much of it, or else it would upset the balance.

However, living in the mountains under new conditions, excites new habits. One of those new habits is my love for sweets, simply because we do not get to eat a lot of those up here. There is almost zero amount of sugar other than the glucose I get from certain vegetables, so anytime I can get my hands on some “sweets” I pounce on it with predatory aggression.

But instead of looking for sweets in “manufactured products” like candy and etc., I have been digging for sugar from a vegetarian point of view. What I found is a plethora of options, none of which i know the english name, so I can’t name any. But to be quite honest, Chinese vegetarian culture is much broader and deeper than that of its Western counterparts, simply because of the vast selections of ingredients and the various forms of techniques used to the treat the food. Never knew how much I would love sweets, even though I am not a freshman yet, “freshman 15” seems inevitable for me, lets hope its all muscle.

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