A Day in My Life

It’s almost three wks since I moved in over here, and I have began to grasp a certain rhythm to my everyday routines.  My day looks a little bit like this.

5:00am: wakes up, stretches, clean room

5:15am-7:00am: morning run (always uphill), frog jumps

7:00am-7:30am: English Class (I am trying not to teach them any “profanity”)

7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast

8:30am-11:30am: Training (we sometimes get rest in between for water, but never more than 5 mins or so)

12:00pm-2:00pm: Lunch Break (I usually nap by the tree doing this time)

2:00pm-5:00pm: Afternoon Training (hardest of the day)

5:30pm-7:00pm: Dinner Break

7:00pm-8:30pm: Night Meditation/Self Study (a time for self-reflection and review)

9:00pm-9:30pm: Attempt to go sleep while reading

Luckily for me, we only train for 6 days a week, so my body do get a break once in awhile. I wash my cloth almost every two days over by the creek with the natural spring water, it’s actually really fun. Other than cleaning, which I do quite a lot, I really do have plenty of time on my hands. Though I haven’t quiet understood how to use that time efficiently and with meaning, I think I am getting there. WordPress doesn’t have a build-in “ask” thing like Tumblr, but if you guys want to ask me anything about my life here or want me to write about certain areas, please feel free to comment.




I can finally speak English again

After weeks of pretending I can speak Chinese really well (which I can, just not as well as I pretend to be), life has finally given me an opportunity to speak English again. Other than “frog jumping” up mountains, getting punched in the face, and running “i don’t know how many” miles into the wilderness, I have managed to carve out enough time in one day to start English classes for my fellow “trainees’ at 6:00am, right after morning practice.

On top of that, we received  a new Taiwanese dude from Seattle, who use to be (and continues to be when possible and legal)a  drug dealer, tattoo artist, and a cancer survivor. He is one of the more interesting people I have ever met. Before meeting him, I never knew they had drug dealers or even a demand for drugs in Seattle (smh @Seattle), and he proved me ignorant in that part. He works in the Hostel business which has allowed him to travel to and sell drugs in over 30 countries before the age of 20, now that’s something we can all learn from, the power of the Hostel industry in allowing youth to travel cheaply and the prevalence of the drug industry. But honestly, the dude is really cool. He wants to better his health by training here, because of the pains he suffered while battling cancer, and that’s really admirable. I think I will learn lots from him, good and bad. What an unexpected, but welcomed guest.

Also, I recently befriended a French kid, who is the same age I am. And other than talking about how his countless ex(s) and how he lost his virginity at “age 13” (which I did questioned, until he revealed he was from Paris), I have actually learned quite a lot about French culture and weed from him. It’s really refreshing when you find out just how little you know, but to know that is already a big step in some direction.

But finally, I can use English again, for something other than cussing out Chinese peeps who don’t understand a word I am saying.

Every Story Has a Fat Kid……..so does mine

Almost every story has an “slightly overstuffed” character in it.  And now, my story is no different.

I have been living alone in my “dormitory” for the first 10 days, until suddenly out of the blue came a “slightly overstuffed” shadow, who turns out to be my new roommate and the missing “fat kid” in my story. He is 16, my height, about 40 lbs more “stuff” than me, and has the behavior pattern of a 12 yr old, which is why he was oft picked on by kids at the Martial Arts School, so his parents transferred him over here, to train in the mountains, surrounded by trees instead of people.

Ever since his arrival, there has been more laughter and tragedy than all of the first two weeks combined. Most of the time it is laughing “at” him, but occasionally comes a moment where we laugh “with” him, which is wonderful for all of us. Honestly, the dude is not that fat, but because he eats ALL day and pretends to be injured every time we train, it is inevitable that his stomach retains a lot of the energy he consumes, thus blowing his weight up and out of proportions with his body.

I feel extremely lucky and honored to have him here, for comic relief doing training of course, not so much as a roommate, cause most of the time I end up being “maid”, “mom”, “alarmclock”, “washing machine”, and “hater” all at the same time. It’s actually quite the experience.

But looks like my story has just found its very own “fat kid”

My First 10 days in Numbers

I just spent my first 10 days  here at the temple, so I would like to tell you all about it, using #s.

Hours of Training per day: 10-12 hours

Coach to Disciple Ratio: 1:3 (higher than the best Liberal Arts Colleges) 🙂

Number of meals per day: 3 (mostly porridge, buns, and vegetables; if we are lucky coach would sneak some meat up for us)

Numbers of Miles per day: 12-15 miles

Times I wash my own clothes per day: 3-4 (cause they are always soaked after every lesson)

Number of hair on my head: 0

Number of times I touch electronics a day: 2-3 times

Boba Milk Teas per month: 0 (at least for 8 month)

Hours a day reading: 2 (Chinese books, of course)

Number of times I droll when I see meat on TV or online: Always droll

Hours a day sleeping: 8-10 hours

Number of mosquito bites on body: Countless

Number of females within the vicinity: 0

Number of showers per week: Enough to clean every morning 🙂

Number of Abs: Depends on your eyesight

Number of times I take a #5: not as many as I should (# 5 is a #2, followed by a #1, then another #2)

Days a wk when I have to wake up at 5am to Run up a mountain: Everyday

Days without electricity per week: 2-3

Times I miss my friends in America per wk: Countless

I want to apologize for not as often as I should, but internet connection has been hard to come by and the time and energy to think and write after 12 hours of practice, even harder to come by. So I hope you all can try to understand. But as I adapt more and more to the rigorous training and as my thighs grow more thunderous, so will the frequency of my writing.