Shaolin Penguin Fist

Instead of actually practicing our routines today, we spent the whole day sprinting up and down our mountain. Sometimes with one leg, some times with no legs,  a couple of times with tornado twists, and the rest were just all out runs for nothing but pride. Seeing that we were fatigued out of our minds, after only 3 hrs, coach decided to give us a break, so he said “go run 10km, then you are down”.

We were all so thrilled to hear that, so we smiled and skipped all the way down the mountain towards the trails, and on our way there we drove by the training house of the martial monks. At the time they were doing some weird form that none of us has ever seen before, so being the curious and brave (cause we would be beaten if we were caught there) individual that I am, I decided to stay awhile and try to learn it.

But when we back and I started demonstrating the what I saw, it ended up looking like “Happy Feet” meets “Karate Kid”. It was pretty weird, but had elements of practically such as the shifting from side to side with hands by your side, that could actually be used in a real right to distracted your opponents…if you were fighting 5 yr olds. We ended up naming it the “Shaolin Penguin Fist. I am pretty sure I am the first to create a penguin style, but I could be wrong

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