There Are Lots to Do Here….

Been talking to my friends back in the States, and they all mentioned this common theme that “there is lots to do in college” as a Freshman. Well guess what? There are lots to do here at the temple too. Allow me to explain.

On any given day, we can sit down and look at a tree from the East, West, North, and the South. We can look at the sky, then look at the ground. We can go climb a mountain, then look at the sky above, and the ground below. We can use ourselves as live baits to capture insects in the bushes, we can even go take a dip in the waterfall that currently has no water. We can kick a bag, punch a bag, knee a bag, hug a bag, kiss a bag, for an hour or ten hours. We can practice the same kick a thousand times, or practice a thousands kicks once. We can walk for 5 hours without seeing anyone, I bet you can’t do that in college?

Living here might be extremely “boring”, if you are  judging from society’s current opinions on what’s “boring” and what’s “fun”. But personally for me, I see it as more of a peaceful and quiet respite, something that is rare and hard to come by in this busy and fast-pace life of today. I see it as an experience within my personality that will be a blessing over my life and help me cope with stress later on.

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