No!! I have Soccer-girl Booty

If it wasn’t for the new jade mirror that a wealthy banker donated to our temple this year, I would not have notice. But wow, walking back to my cottage from practice in my sweatpants, I noticed something protruding from my back in my reflection. Turns out it was my new “soccer-girl booty”.

Now I don’t know if it is the thousands of squats we do everyday or the fact that every time I sprint up Dharma Cave I would sit on this huge rock thus causing my gluteus maximus to grow sideways? The good news is that it’s bigger, but not THAT big. It’s like a “mid-fielder” soccer-girl booty, not a “defender” booty yet, that would be indelible.

What am I going to do with my newly acquired soccer-girl booty? I don’t know. Does this present new “job opportunities” back in the States? maybe. Would I consider following in the footsteps of Magic Mike? No.

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