Someone Tried to Steal my Wallet

Someone tried to steal my wallet, and succeed.

People’s Republic of China just had it’s birthday on 10/1, so there is an eight day holiday from 10/1-10/8, and as a result there are literally hundreds of thousands of tourists at my “new home”. Because we haven’t seen any people other than ourselves in awhile, I took my fellow trainees down to the temple to people watch. We saw man, woman, children, elders, and I was like “people, wow! haven’t seen you guys in awhile”.

But with people comes trouble, and when I was squeezing through the masses, I felt someone grab my upper thigh (where I kept my wallet) and quickly ran away. I don’t know if it’s cause I watched too many parkour videos, but I was like “you are not getting away with it” and quickly sprinted away in pursuit into a cluster of people with my homies behind. Sadly, I could only keep up with the thief but never over take him. But honestly, I was thinking “if you are so fast, why not go run track, why steal from me.”

I didn’t have any money in my wallet except a “2 Dollar bill” I kept cause it was cool. But I did have a post-it note that my buddy gave to me in 7th grade, a piece of paper on which someone wrote a list of my “faults and personality problems”, and a copy of my driver’s license and green card, so I had to get my wallet back. Knowing I couldn’t catch this guy, I started screaming to him “hey, I don’t have any money in it”, “give me back my wallet, you ____”. Apparently he heard me and check my wallet, and after seeing that it had no cash resorted to throwing my wallet in a ditch. Thank god the ditch wasn’t wet, but the dude got away. If I ever see that guy around here, or his blue jacket, I am going to ask him some questions.

I need to train even harder now, if I can’t even catch up to a petty thief, how I can call myself a “disciple of the Shaolin Temple”.

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