First 10 wks in #s

I remember I did a “first 10 days in #s” when I first got here, now if you are really lazy or busy, you can just multiple those numbers by 7. But if you have a little bit of time, I hope you can read through these.


Number of hair on my head: Probably the same as yours (just a lot shorter)

Number of times I think about Boba milk tea everyday: 3-5

Number of times I shower a day: 0.5-0.6 (when it’s like below zero, you don’t like to take your cloth off a lot)

Number of times I have been asked to sneakĀ marijuana seeds for the Taiwanese dude: The same as the number of rejection I gave him

Number of packs on my abs: I say 8, but it varies depending on the time of day

Number of hours of training per wk: 65 hrs, we don’t train on Sundays

Number of shoes I have gone through: 4 (they cost about $3 USD each, so the quality ain’t that high)

Number of times I freeze to death per day: Every time the wind blows (So-cal has spoiled me bad)

Number of Calories consumed per day: 4,000-4,500 ( I’m always eating)

Number of Injuries on me: 7 (hand, ankle (both), right cheek (face), right shoulder, crotch, right cheek (the other cheek))

Number of movies watched: 23

Number of books read: 0 (currently reading 4 though)

Number of Tears at the Lakers’ 11 straight losing streak: 0

Numbers of pounds gained: not enough

Number of times I check fb every wk: 2-4 times

Number of times I eat shit during practice: Every other day (big improvement from the previous everyday)

Number of times I miss my friends back in the States: Always missing them

Apologies for going AWOL for like 14 and a half days, the wind blew away the wi-fi wire I stole, so I had to “find” another one.

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