We All Need a Lil Bit of Humor in Our Lives

Other than teaching English and attempting to instill some “Jerry Wisdom” to the kids here , lately I have embarked on a new mission to paint some smiles on people’s faces. If you didn’t know this, martial arts training is very boring just like how going to classes everyday can get a little bit boring. It’s the same idea of doing the same stuff over and over again, even though you might be learning (or not) and improving (or not) as time goes on. Inevitably,  it’s a process they all have to go through here, so why not have some laughs and fun along the way.

At first it wasn’t working so well, for example I would have a witty and funny reply to something , but I would end up being the only one laughing while everyone else stares in silence with a “WTF” face.  Then I have to say, “oops my bad, I guess that wasn’t funny.” But humor is infectious and more importantly my dedication to humor is infectious, and as the days went on, people started to laugh. I would tell them laughing is good for your abs, and they believed me. LOL.  So some kids would start laughing for no-reason when we do ab workouts, and when I finally told them it doesn’t really help that much, we all just laugh together again. Hahaha

I even tried to get the elders here to laugh, though that has been a tougher project than the kids. But it’s definitely working though, I just have to add a bit of sarcasm to a really serious subject and it would work (except for the 70 yrs old monk, I don’t think he understands what I am saying most of the time). Everybody benefits with this new fun-loving environment, people aren’t so uptight all the time as if  a stick  was up their ass, training goes by even faster, and everyone seems to enjoy the training more (even though the temperature really makes it hard to enjoy).

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