Speaking French and Bees

Yesterday was a pretty damn eventful day for me.

First I woke up and thought that CCTV-Sports was gonna show the Spurs-Clips and I was like “yay!!”, turns out it was freackin billiards, I mean who do you know that wakes up in the morning and watch billiards? Someone obviously did not do their consumer interest research.

Then I went to practice to welcome the new French student who is here for a wk to “experience” our life, as if it’s so different from his, and it is. His English is like that of some African American professional athletes, it’s intelligent and fluent, but you don’t know what he is saying. So I had to resort to speak French with him, it was my first time translating in French since like never. I guess all those days getting hit on by Madame Jacquot in French class and cursing in French and English turned out to be pretty useful.

Then as I was practicing, a bee thought it was funny to die and sting me right below my left eye before he did, leaving me with a swollen eye as I walked back home, only to find out that my Spurs has just got blown out by the Clippers. With my eye swollen and mind irritated, I decided not to read and just slept the whole 2 hrs of break.

Afternoon practice was even more interesting as I had to practice on my own and be part time French translator, and just as I was walking back another bee stung my left eye again (right next to the first one), causing it to swell twice as much. I don’t know if my eyes are that beautiful or what, but according to the French dude, I seem ” to have flowers in my eye” cause that would explain why I keep getting stung in the same spot.

I look even more like a delinquent now with my left eye swollen for bee bite, two stitches above my right eye from getting socked, and a big cut below the chin from not defending the uppercut.

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