Midnight in Paris…..

Remember I told y’all that there was a French dude who is staying here to “experience our lives” for a week, well apparently after translating for him, I not only improved my French by miles, but I also made a great friend. I mean the guy just brought out the best of me, and to me that’s what a friend is for. His name is Michael, a dude of 29 working in Paris, who is also extremely interested in Buddhism ideals. He has been practicing martial arts for 3 yrs, and is now coming to Shaolin Temple to learn more traditional techniques. I don’t know why, but we always seems to have these conversations about race and society. It is only after he has left, did I begin to recall our talks.

I taught him about Mexican gangs and Korean BBQs in socal, he taught me about the different Muslims and Algerians in Paris. He told me that though Australian chicks are hot, they are also “bitchy af”, I told him that though all the monks here are Chinese, not all Chinese know martial arts. I complained about the Christian faith’s need to “convert” and he complained about his Muslim co-workers’s “selectively permeable interpretation” of their holy book. We did agree upon Buddhism’s intelligence in remaining inquisitive and always seeking out answers instead of followers. Our talks went on and on into the night (I normally sleep at 9:00pm, but we spoke till midnight) I spoke with my mix of 5th grade French and 11th grade English( cause I didn’t learn anything senior yr academically) and he responded with his flashy French and unfathomable English.

After some compassionate babbling  we reached this point of lucid pity for the first world nations of today (US, FR, GB), especially the youth of those nations. Because we realize that society today is too comfortable, too nonchalant, and sometimes even too care-free. And that impression of comfort and stability on the outside helps hides hideous and dangerous problems within. The problem? The problem is that there hasn’t been a big enough problem or disaster yet to make people realize just what’s wrong with themselves and our society. Back in the 70s, we had the grueling war in Vietnam that dragged on for yrs as a constant reminder of what’s wrong, in the 60s we had the struggles for civil rights that continuously screamed out what’s wrong, and in each of those cases, whether you like to call them “liberals”, “black-lovers”, or “hippies”, the youth or young people were extremely demonstrative and vocal in their protest of what they thought was wrong and in demanding answers and action from their government. But sadly, the youth of today seems overly concerned with watching the last part of Twilight, getting a higher SAT score, observing their favorite college football team, or getting $2 chipotle on Halloween than to actually perceive whats happening in their society and to take action in attempt to better it. Yes, some do act, but it is not enough. Individual actions matter and have a possibility of changing the world, but that possibly is rather low in comparison to what generational actions can do.

We are called the “Internet Generation”, or “iphone generation”, but whatever it is that we are called, it is about time we start making use of the “vast array of technology” in our hands to do more than to facebook stalk that girl you have a crush on. It is about time for us to use our iphones and macbooks, facebook and instagram, for more than ourselves. It is about time to clean your lenses and see the world for what it is. Well, at least that is what I think, for now.

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