A World Without Boarder: Mission Impossible or Optimism?

As I learn more about human beings and our beginnings, I began to observe  undeniable similarities between different ethnicity  countries and people. There seems to be a common bond that keeps us together, much like the attraction of different charges within an atom; though different, they all function together to keep the world intact as a whole in a very systematic yet complex cycle.  Humans have an inextinguishable tendency to be attracted to other humans, studies have shown that when put in a completely dark room, a human will search immediately for first sign of warmth. When two humans are put in the dark room, they will inevitably look for another. The same does not occur with animals, minus a few intelligent species similar to humans (such as Chimpanzees, Orangutans, and apes).

I foresee a world in the future, maybe a hundred years from now, or maybe thousands, where all ethnicity and races are living together in harmony under the the flagship of one world, because we are too similar to be divided by the boundaries of cultures and nations. In that world, we will seek to achieve commonality, while saving individuality, for one of the greatest threats to unity will be each group’s fear of losing their own culture and identity. One of the “car-pools” to get to this world is the education with responsibility, we all know that the expansion of education can help increase awareness and all that, but what kind of education? There is not enough responsibility placed upon the contents of education, and more importantly the directional compass behind the contents, in western education today. We learn so much about individuality and seeking to become the “best you can be”, that we sometimes become too shrouded in our own “confidence induced narcissism” that we forget about the commonalities we share with everyone else on this planet and the moral responsibility we have as living organisms and citizens of this world to sustain and improve its systems as we co-evolve with it.

But to get to this “future’ I am referring to will be hard and long…….very long.  The few giants standing in its way will not move easily. One of them is economic profits, profits generated by third-world low-labor and first-world high prices, profits from exploiting and destroying natural resources in developing nations, and profits from the government fed war-industry that still stands as the number 1 industry in the world, miles ahead of the drug one that we never seem to forget (as we should not). Behind the profits, are some undeniably human characteristics  such as greed. On top of that, we have the unreasonably wasteful lifestyles of the first-world, which has now become socially acceptable and wrongly deem as an “example” that the developing nations are now all striving to be. And I haven’t even began to mention the cultural differences so often exaggerated by our own false sense of “pride” and the religious conflicts so often set ablaze by the blood of ignorant extremists, whose puppeteer is to blame. The world I described above is far, far away from the one we live in today. But that doesn’t mean we should not strive for it, because I think it is worth striving for.

You all know MLK’s dream, well I guess this is my dream.

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