Once a month, women go crazy for about 30 days

The series of articles called “Just Being Jerry” is back, along with a set of questions I have acquired about this “society” after spending months living with monks in an isolated monastery.

One of the main differences between living in the monastery and living in anywhere else “not there” is the amount of females I  get to meet and have to deal with on a daily basis.  There are females around the monastery, don’t get me wrong, but they number around the teens and decreases in number as the season changes. So in reality we don’t see or interact with females at all. In fact do we even see or interact with people all that much, other than the bother monks we train with.

Being back in the society and living with people everyday, I am observing a lot of new trends that I did not realize before when I was a HS student living in the states. One of the first things I notice is that people (of all backgrounds and income) love to complain; parents complain about their kids not studying all the time, mothers complaining about their daughters not getting married soon enough, workers complaining about their boss not paying them enough, and woman complaining about just every little thing possible. Man can be guilty of this at times too, but it is a skill in which woman tend to excel in, without much formal training.

It seems that this constant complaining combined with unpredictable mood-swings and a loud screeching scream are some of the main causes of headaches, high blood-pressure, and receding hairlines in the male population. I have been living in the mountains long enough to be smart enough to avoid experiencing the above causes first hand, but a counterargument I hear is that woman drive the man crazy, causing them to lose reason and do things they wouldn’t normally do (excessive shopping, need for expensive goods, and over-eating) and thus helps to drive the economy. So put that together, you get “woman who drive man crazy, helps to drive the economy”. But my momma once told me that “someone can’t drive you crazy if you don’t give them the keys”. people-cant-drive-you-crazy-if-dont-mike-bechtle-paperback-cover-art

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