Interviewing Wellesley Students About “Love”

So I am currently doing an externship (I don’t even know what that means) at Wellesley College’s Communication and PR Dept., and during my lunch breaks I have decided to be super productive and interview Wellesley students on what they think love looks like today… the modern world. However, I am not too sure if these folks are actually students, cause school doesn’t start for another wk, but meanwhile I will keep their identities confidential as they asked. It would appear that a lot of these educated folks here have had the opportunity to see Spike Jonze’s “Her”, as some answers pertains to the rise of technology and its effects on relationships today.

Q: “What do you think love looks like today?”

“Love is the antithesis of fear.”

“It comes down to the individual and their own needs, I guess.”

“Honestly, people today are always talk about ‘oh technology is bad, blah blah’, I think technology might modify how we go about meeting our basic human needs, but they don’t change those needs.”

“I think technology has taken down a lot of barriers, we are all more accessible now, sex can be technological transactioned and it makes it very tricky emotionally.”

Q: “How do you view separations and breakups?”

“Relationships are gonna end dude. If they go great and long, then all that means then is someone is gonna watch their favorite person die. Sorry, I am just bitter. They are the most important thing.”

“I just broke up with my partner, I really don’t wanna talk about this. But these separations is what stops me from wanting to start again.”

“Maybe it’s time, maybe the idea of monogamy is exhausted in this society?”

Q: “What does relationships mean to you?”

“When I feel like I can say anything to someone else.”

“It’s like you are sharing your life with somebody and it is just the best feeling ever.”

“Relationships are weird, how they work, how they function, how they fail, what makes them fail, how they disappear, and change? I don’t really get it, but they are still amazing regardless.”

PS: I decided to do this interview during my work at an all-women college partly due to my bias belief that somehow women are kinda smarter than man, in their attention to detail, their wisdom dealing with the minute interactions of everyday relationships, and their cunning introspection in regards to relationships and people.


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