What is Kungfu?

When I say the word kungfu, most of my White friends would start inmitating Bruce Lee sounds and pretending to be a martial arts master. But the word kungfu is not directly connected to martial arts in any way, as most tend to misuse it. The word “kungfu” in Chinese simply means “time spent (practicing something)” or “a learned skill”, most of the time it is use to desribed an amount of time/effort or to compliment someone’s skill in an area.

The word “kungfu” ‘s written form is very symbolic of its meaning, the writting is comprised of two horinzontal lines and two diagnol lines coming through them. It examplies the idea that it is simple to practice something, but to master it takes years upon years of dedication and creative ingenuity. People aren’t seperated by what form or techniques they use, they are seperated by their kungfu, their time spent in one area and their skills acquired in that area.

One can have kungfu in almost anything; writing, cooking, singing, even skills like chopping vegetables can be considered kungfu. More modern activites like skating or basketball are areas as well, most of the time kungfu is used to described mastery of “physical activities” (yes writing is a physical activity, a manifestation of mental thoughts).

First 10 wks in #s

I remember I did a “first 10 days in #s” when I first got here, now if you are really lazy or busy, you can just multiple those numbers by 7. But if you have a little bit of time, I hope you can read through these.


Number of hair on my head: Probably the same as yours (just a lot shorter)

Number of times I think about Boba milk tea everyday: 3-5

Number of times I shower a day: 0.5-0.6 (when it’s like below zero, you don’t like to take your cloth off a lot)

Number of times I have been asked to sneakĀ marijuana seeds for the Taiwanese dude: The same as the number of rejection I gave him

Number of packs on my abs: I say 8, but it varies depending on the time of day

Number of hours of training per wk: 65 hrs, we don’t train on Sundays

Number of shoes I have gone through: 4 (they cost about $3 USD each, so the quality ain’t that high)

Number of times I freeze to death per day: Every time the wind blows (So-cal has spoiled me bad)

Number of Calories consumed per day: 4,000-4,500 ( I’m always eating)

Number of Injuries on me: 7 (hand, ankle (both), right cheek (face), right shoulder, crotch, right cheek (the other cheek))

Number of movies watched: 23

Number of books read: 0 (currently reading 4 though)

Number of Tears at the Lakers’ 11 straight losing streak: 0

Numbers of pounds gained: not enough

Number of times I check fb every wk: 2-4 times

Number of times I eat shit during practice: Every other day (big improvement from the previous everyday)

Number of times I miss my friends back in the States: Always missing them

Apologies for going AWOL for like 14 and a half days, the wind blew away the wi-fi wire I stole, so I had to “find” another one.