Transcending Limits: 1st Time Sneaking Meat

Today my friend, who is also the leader of our group, went down to the town to get some heavy cloth for the winter cause it’s really cold here in the winter (like NYC cold with more wind) and we have no heating. Luckily for me, on his way back, he was able to get some delicious roasted chicken and sneak it up here to the temple for me. I consider this to be a transcending moment, because according to my master and his master before him, a very high level of Buddhist behavior is “To have meat and alcohol pass through your intestines, while always having Buddha in your heart”. (it sounds much better in Chinese than translated though) I humbly believe after today, I am a bit closer to that level hahaha. But then it might not be so transcending, because my actions really didn’t break any rules, because we just don’t “have” any meat here, there is no strict prohibition saying we can’t eat meat. It was my first time eating meat in month, and I am again reminded of why there are so few vegetarians in this world (excluding my Indian friends).

Doesn’t that chicken just look so attractive though?


Today I rescued some wine, it was trapped in a bottle.

I just found out that we DO NOT have heating here in the winter. And it’s only October and the morning and evening temperature are already around the low 40s. Considering that we live nestled between two mountains, the wind isn’t our best friend either.So as the not-so-creative and selectively-eco friendly person that I am, I devised a plan to keep warm without burning anything and creating too much green house emissions.

Drink extremely high alcohol percentage Chinese Rice wine before I go out and do my morning runs and climbs at 5:00am. I am talking about like 65% alcohol or higher, but just half a cup before and after, not too much. Just enough to generate heat all the way from head to toe. I have asked my grandma to open up her 30 yrs old wine cellar and and send me some vintage “spirits” that she saved before the government started managing spirits productions in the 80s. Cause as we approach November and December it’s going to be a whole new experience for me, because I have never trained in below zero degrees Fahrenheit weather.

Let’s see if this works.