I don’t just Sing in the Shower…I perform

Despite the intense cold, lack of indoor toilet, and any heating device. One of the most heart-warming (get it?) amenities I have here is the fact that we have hot shower all day every day because of the solar-powered heaters we have on our roofs.

Because of this I have shifted from “a man of few showers” to “a man who sings in the shower” everyday. But when I sing, I don’t just sing, I perform. It’s like a full out concert, I do like at least 3-5 songs before a small water break to brush my teeth and wash my hair, then I continue with another 3 songs or so.

Sad thing is, the people living around me aren’t so appreciative of my talents, so I have been adjusting and singing more Chinese songs and in a quieter tone than before as a compromise. Hopefully I can actually get a bit better at singing, cause if you know me at all, I suck at singing, even worse than I am at womanizing.